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LCS , 5.0 software developers working for your digital environments and workspaces.

With over 25 years of experience in digital signage and digital workspace, we have supported technological development and behavioral change in businesses. This unique experience empowers us to conceive tomorrow’s working environments and design innovative solutions ahead of our customers’ needs.

Optimize your spaces through LCS digital technologies and improve communication inside your infrastructures with unique, recognized digital expertise that will bring profitability to your infrastructures and improve your overall performance.

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A unique digital experience thanks to comprehensive, one-stop technology for your digital infrastructures

Our digital solutions will let you manage your spaces better and make your infrastructures more profitable. Our intelligent Crystal software suite packs a booking solution for your meeting rooms, shared offices or any other space.

We provide digital signage technologies you can use to better communicate with your users thanks to solutions for video walls, digital signage systems, interactive kiosks and many others. Treat your users to a true digital experience with a complete overall solution.

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LCS, your special partner

LCS makes it a point of honor to help its customers deploy its digital solutions. We aim to meet the needs of our customers by providing support and a proactive technical response to all requests. Our expert teams will support you from the beginning to the end of your project, from technology consulting all the way to installing and deploying your digital infrastructure.

Our technical teams will be at your disposal for any questions or services. Our main objective is to deliver reliable technology and think ahead of your needs by constantly upgrading our solutions.

Support and innovation are the DNA of LCS

Premium support – LCS has been serving its customers for more than 25 years and has been helping large companies to deploy digital solutions. We deliver consulting services and a unique level of responsiveness to your requests.

Innovation 5.0 – Innovation is our core concern and keeps us ahead of our customers’ needs. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we are building tomorrow’s technologies.

Dependable, proven technologies – We make sure we provide reliable and sustainable technological solutions. Our technical teams continuously validate and test the solutions we offer.

Return on investment – Our goal is to offer powerful solutions that will empower you to quickly make your infrastructure cost-efficient and optimize your space.

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International presence

Our technologies are now present in more than 35 countries. Thanks to our international partners, we can easily deploy our solutions internationally and offer a global solution.

LCS in a few dates


LCS comes to the market with just one goal: to become an expert in digital signage. In fact, the company quickly grasps the challenges of this attractive and dynamic medium, which is also, more importantly, all about easily changeable and adaptable content.


Arrival of new sophisticated technologies like video walls, IPTV (live streaming), etc. requiring new software. To adapt to these new features, LCS expands its offering and opens up to new horizons by focusing on digital media.


LCS opens its first graphic department in Saint-Etienne to support and develop its offering. The aim is to develop a full-scale communications agency to best respond to LCS’ projects.


Today, the company has succeeded in unifying its room booking solutions to build an overall, tailor-made experience adapted to every need, and always enhanced by expert, informed advice.


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