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Eindhoven is the largest regional airport in the Netherlands, handling almost 3.4 million passengers per year. With its last expansion project, the terminal can now handle 5 million passengers in readiness for the expected passenger increase by 2020.


Category: Digital Signage

Date: Septembre 2018

The brief:

An airport environment is always stressful from the passenger’s point of view. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, the first thing passengers look for is flight-specific information, times, locations and estimated times of arrival/departure. This is why Eindhoven Airport has installed a dependable digital signage solution to improve communications with travelers. The brief was to sync complex flight information display requirements like boarding gate changes, delays, etc. In addition, the solution had to be reliable enough to meet the critical mission target of optimizing the passenger experience.


The solution:

When the first terminal opened in 2005, Net Display Systems provided its FIDS (Flight Information Display System) for the first phase of the Smart Airport project, plus PADS4 to display information in arrivals and departures, check-in and security, doors and luggage areas.

With more than 50 screens in strategic locations, passengers can easily view the information they need. Boarding gate changes or schedule information is displayed in seconds across all screens.

In addition to flight information, the airport public must also be kept informed about the latest offers from Duty-free shops, and car hire companies plus airport services like Wi-Fi.

In addition, travelers often prefer to kill time by browsing the surrounding restaurant offerings while waiting to check-in or board their flights. All menu boards in these restaurants are managed by PADS4 to dynamically display their menus, prices and special deals.

In addition to the screens informing visitors and passengers, NDS was also used to set up a digital meeting room for the business center on the 2nd floor. A screen informs people about the meeting venue and time.

NDS also helped to develop the airport’s eye-catcher in the main terminal: a large 12-screen video wall that displays the airport’s proprietary content, information, alerts, news and sports headlines.


The result:

The objective was to deliver a smart digital signage system to display travel information and improve the overall travel experience at Eindhoven Airport.

“Net Display Systems has delivered a robust digital signage solution that perfectly fulfils its mission in the critical environment in which we operate every day” says Eli Lejeune, Marketing Manager at Eindhoven Airport. “With extensive exposure in all critical areas, smart signage provides real-time flight information to keep 3.4 million passengers happy and well-informed every year, and results in optimized passenger flow through the airport” he continues.

The solution has also provided a high degree of flexibility to assign flights to designated check-in areas, thereby improving the efficiency of the check-in process. In addition, displaying security rules and boarding instructions in the security areas has significantly contributed to reducing waiting time in these zones.

Also, the 12-screen video wall has reduced passengers’ sense of boredom and increased their involvement in social media. Menu boards in restaurants have increased the hospitality level in the airport by informing customers with up-to-date prices, daily offers and set menus.

Finally, the solution’s ability to display real-time flight information in combination with advertising has allowed the airport to generate additional revenue, making the solution a very profitable investment.

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